SOCS (Southern Ohio Communication Services) was founded in 1979 in Waverly, Ohio with the goal of enhancing and improving communication methods by way of paging services. While technology has evolved rapidly and drastically over the last four decades, the goal of continuously enhancing and improving communication methods has remained in the forefront for SOCS.


As an industry expert and innovator, SOCS found another niche as a Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) when the industry was in its infancy. As the WISP business continued to thrive, SOCS realized the key to success in the communication industry is acting fast on innovation. 


Around 2010, wireless became a standard use and integrated with more and more products and services. Aware of market demand and potential for the business, SOCS expanded its wireless offerings to include Hosted PBX and residential VOIP services. The company is launching and developing an SD-WAN offering to further enhance  customer and partner experiences. SOCS has since increased its viability in the industry by offering cloud services, including white label services, created by an ISP for other ISPs.