Solutions That Will Boost Your Bottom Line!

In the age of total technology businesses need to run efficiently while maintaining cost effectiveness. Technology is integrated in both work and personal lives so staying connected with quality voice and Internet connectivity is critical. SOCS can help your business with these critical solutions, without the high cost of infrastructure and with the ease to manage all of your facilities and workforce locations.

Hosted Voice (VoIP)

VoIP is the latest cloud-based voice communications that comes with many features.

Stay Connected. Wherever, Whenever.

In case of emergencies, natural disasters, vacations, or working remotely, you can manage all of your calls and applications.

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Manage your company's entire WAN through a single interface.

ease of deployment, central manageability and reduced costs

Manage multiple types of connections from MPLS to broadband to LTE with a single interface technology.

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High Speed Internet

High speed is critical today, regardless of whether you are a business or residential Internet user.

Speeds To Fit Your Needs

SOCS has a variety of Internet speeds that fits both your needs as well as your budget.

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Your Three Major Communication Goals Solved!

With the rapid changes in business communication tools should focus on supporting three main goals: cost efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity. The SOCS total Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solution achieves these goals and much more. This includes not just Voice but the total delivery of the VoIP technology.

  • Flexible enough to help your company install a single tool that allows everyone to work more efficiently and collaboratively, across time zones, and even across oceans.

  • Cost efficiencies achieved by removing your communication hardware configuration and management burden. This results in lowering total cost of ownership and minimizing operating expenses.

  • Simplicity. Easy to install and use with all of the features of an on-site PBX system without the capital and personnel needed to run and manage your UCaaS system.

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